Heeling Friends’ animals are THERAPY ANIMALS.


“Everyone thinks that THEIR pet is the best pet in the world.”

Qualities an animal must possess:


Well mannered

Reasonable physical condition

Under control

At least one year of age

Enjoy people of all ages

Seeks out attention of people

Enjoy numerous meetings and pettings

100% reliable with regard to eliminations of any kind

No jumping

No barking (unnecessarily)

No nervous licking

No growling or menacing behavior

Not to be highly motivated by food

READ dogs: tolerate commotion inherent with school children

Qualities a person must possess:


Good manners and judgment

Positive, friendly personality

Enjoy meeting all kinds of people

Able to cope with the unexpected, without losing you ‘cool’ or dignity

Be reliable and consistent in your visits

Be vigilant to rules and procedures taught earlier

'Cocktail Party 101'... conversations kept light, general, positive and unspecific... the animal is the true hero!

ZERO tolerance for not adhering to rules and procedure

If you are interested in becoming a Heeling Friends Member:

Contact us: info@heelingfriends.org

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